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Are those blossoms??

Goodbye winter.  You overstayed your welcome -- but all is forgiven. 

Now, coming off the great rebound year of 2013, we'll find out the answers

 to these crucial ??s:

1.  Will Buyers continue to storm into the market?

2.  What will happen when interest rates begin to rise?

3.   Where's the best bang for the buck in this market?

4.  Is it safe to think about building a house, again?

Stay tuned to the monthly newsletters or radio show -- or, if you need answers a right this minute!, call me and I'll be happy to guide you.  We've added two new agents to the Team, Tamara Vomastek and Carrie Priest.  Great enthusiasm and wonderful attention to details, along with a wonderful drive to succeed.  You'll love dealing with any of us.  Because we take care of people -- and we get deals done.

-- Jack

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